Accessing your site

After you have created your site, you can login to the administration backend at http://<Your site name> using your campus CAS credentials. If you need further assistance, please contact us .

Available themes

Learn more about the themes available for use with your site.

Wordpress video tutorials

The Wordpress Beginner Class is a series of 40 videos on YouTube for getting started with Wordpress as well as more information about some of Wordpress' features. Academic Technology Services also offers a free training sessions. Request a training ...

Plugin documentation

The sites within the IET Faculty Websites Network have a variety of pre-installed plugins available. These plugins extend Wordpress with functions such as a simple email contact form, support for Google Analytics, publication management and much more. Below...

Wordpress official documentation

There's a lot to learn about Wordpress. And while you can find many of the answers to beginning questions in the support area of this site, you may want to dive in deeper. For that, we recommend you start with the Wordpress Codex , the official site for...